What if you took the time to play? What would you create? A story? A crazy contraption? An entirely new world?


I believe that you cannot create without playing and that PLAY is actually the root of health, innovation, problem solving and of course design. By taking the time to play it lets me re-learn how to engage and experience the world in entirely new ways. It repels convention and those are frozen in the here-and-now. It’s taught me how to feel and trust my own intuition and beliefs.




-PLAY to create

-PLAY to challenge

-PLAY to focus

-PLAY to innovate

-PLAY to stimulate

-PLAY to connect

-PLAY to heal

-PLAY to see problems in new ways

-PLAY to add that random element


And most importantly


-PLAY for the joy of it



Some know me as Dr.Neeel. Others, just plain Neal. But whatever you call me by I will always be a Madesigntist in love with "stuff".


I am a graduate of both "The Art Center College of Design" in Pasadena California with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Product Design and "The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising" with an Associate of the Arts Degree in Visual Communications.


My entire life I've been an active dreamer and maker, tinkering and dissecting everything i lay my hands on. This had lead me to a number of different creative pursuits from Illustration, Visual Merchandising, Film, and finally Product Design. I currently have my dream job as a Toy Designer for the worlds largest toy company on one of histories most successful toy line, and i couldn't be happier. But still, its not enough to keep me fully occupied. This web page will be fully devoted to chronicling the other avenues in my life I am pursuing. So stop by every once and awhile to see what I've been up to in the studio.